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This is a very nice combination, particularly in the fields of business. They encourage each other's "gumption" and there are not many conflicts. Their creative energy is being stimulated by each other's proximity. The Zodiac relationship between Aries and Sagittarius is one big adventure! They complement each other and know where they stand with each other. This is a very positive and creative relationship. For them, life is one big party together! This relationship can succeed if both partners are prepared to really make efforts.

Sometimes the contradictions are too serious, and Aries and Capricorn may grow apart.

Zodiacal Constellation ARIES. Ancient ASTROLOGY with Babylonian Astrologer Krasi

If they are willing to work on that, this relationship can certainly be successful. The relation between Aries and Aquarius is very diverse and varied. Conflicts can occur but at the same time they can feel at ease with each other.

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To create more softness in this Star Sign relationship, both have to learn to be more indulgent. In the beginning all goes well between Aries and Pisces. What Aries experiences as routine, Pisces experiences as safe. If they are mostly living apart together, the relationship may succeed. In order to have a successful relationship, both partners must learn to accept each other unconditionaly.

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Star Sign Compatibility. This combination in General:. What about the both of you? Focus on yourself and the other. Touch the Hearts to see your current level:. Go to Oracle of Love. The chart ruler does not need to be in the 1st House to be the ruler and other planets in the 1st House are considered co-rulers, also affecting the developing personality.

The chart ruler in the 1st House focuses entirely on the mask the native creates. Self obsession and extreme attention to the outer persona is where the behavior of the native stems. Read the Entire Post Here. Vedic Astrology has been practised for thousands of years in India and is a well-respected science recognised by the government of India. The vaidyas doctors of Indian ayurvedic health may consult the astrological charts of their patients for further information, as do practitioners of vastu.

You can go to Club Cyber Astro for free calculation of your Vedic astrology chart. Vedic Astrology is also known as Jyotisha or Agam Shastra. Vedic astrology is extremely blunt, with no sugarcoating, and very exact, incorporating even topics that Western astrologers are uncomfortable with discussing in their predictions, such as addictions, life length, and diseases. In some instances this straightforwardness is a blessing, ensuring people that their poor fortune is not due to some issue in themselves, but due to past karma that they have no control over anymore.

Whereas Western astrology uses primarily the position of stars and planets to determine the paths of different people, Jyotish uses a much more convoluted system known as Vimshottari Dasha, in which people are under the influence of different planets at different points of their lives, in periods called dashas.

Aries Decan 2

Never trust Western astrologers. Aspects between the following planets have the potential to strengthen or weaken the qualities of that planet, or the qualities will stay neutral. Some planets are weak in certain aspects, but the connected planet is strengthened or neutral to that weak planet. This is a form of Vedic astrology, and ancient astrologers excluded Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto because….. There is little information on those transpersonal planets in Vedic astrology, so they will be excluded from this post for now.

Ketu has a quality of our spirituality, while Rahu is focused on this world and worldly achievements. For example, if you have an empty 7th house, does it mean that you will not get married? That statement is completely false! The energies of the sign ruling the house will still be exerted in your chart.

It is inevitable that you will have houses without planets in them, because there are 12 houses.

However, if there is a planet aspecting the empty house, that will affect the energy of the house. For example, if someone has Aries in their empty 6th house but Saturn is aspecting the 6th house, it means that while this person will have the martian energy of Aries to fight their enemies, this energy will still face restrictions because Saturn is looking at the house. But it makes sense for Ophiuchus to be a part of Sagittarius since in my opinion the characteristics are really accurate.

Till how long can time stretch in a straight line? There has to be an end? Hi there. Its interpretations are pretty generic, and follows sidereal rather than tropical astrology — as most Vedic sites do. Because this is a sidereal reading, your placements will change house and sign.

Sidereal signs and houses never resonate with me — but perhaps will with you? The positions of planets in relationship to one another are foundational to both western and vedic astrology, but branches of vedic astrology tend to count house distances from individual planets to make predictions e. If you get your reading, and you want to know more about your sidereal chart, a good place to start is to watch KRS on youtube. He lives in the states but comes from a very Jaimini branch of Vedic astrology tradition learned from his family.

Lots of Indian fatalism peppered throughout. Again, for me, the sidereal interpretations ring somewhat accurate, but not quite like tropical placements. There you can also learn about a variety of planetary yogas aspects and their predictive outcomes per the Jaimini school. You can also get a pretty North or South Indian chart. Finding Nakshatra interpretations is not easy, but there are lots of YouTube videos. KRS gets into the specific padas your Nakshatras fall into. I prefer going to vaultoftheheavens.

He has studied the Vedas in their original language and adopts astrological interpretations based upon their original meaning. I deeply appreciate his Western psychological approach to the wisdom of the Vedas and their application to astrology. Look up his corresponding videos on either your sidereal or tropical Nakshatras, and you are sure to learn a ton about yourself. Is all of this useful or just overwhelming? Part of the fun is deciding what is true for yourself. Good luck! Hermes Mercury , the ruler of Virgo, was the emissary and messenger of the gods.

He is described as moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, and was the conductor of souls into the afterlife. Upon death, a soul was led by Mercury near the entrance of the underworld, where the ferry awaited to carry it across the Acheron. A book on Vedic astrology as well as how to find out the mystery of the universe.

Aries: Fervent & Passionate Lover

Though the guy from KRS channel does pretty much all his shit according to Vedic, so there it will be easier for you to research. No I can see how you would come to that conclusion of Western astrology being more ego-centered, eastern cultures in general tend to have a spiritual, collectivist approach, where people are less obligated to themselves and more to their family, society, or the good of the whole ,etc. So that makes total sense. Nakshatras are blowing my mind!!!!!

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The Sun:. The Moon:. Depends on what kind of astrology youre using! Vedic astrology uses calculations that take this into account, and the signs stay aligned with where they used to be. Vedic astrology are more about future predictions, and Tropical is more about the psychological component and understanding the subconscious eg. Both systems are correct. It is a wondrous mean to get a grip of our life by predictions and interpretations. Thus, it is the greatest mean for one to save time and resources that could have been wasted over fruitless decisions and pursuits.

Without this, it is difficult to know which way to go. What rules our life essentially? Astrology thus is a storehouse of supreme secrets that common man has no knowledge of. It is the understanding of our connection with the universe, how it influences our behavior and future course of events. Each of the planets in the solar system transmits a certain radiation and energy. And these rays affect us both biologically as well as psychologically.

These transient vibes are not obvious to the naked eye. Vedic Astrology helps understand their impact on us and gives useful insights into the personal affairs as well as the worldly matters such as natural calamities and issues of the nation states. It follows the sidereal zodiac, which keeps Chitra as the fixed point of reference. Thus, the point of Aries in Western Astrology and the point of Aries in Vedic Astrology have shifted almost 24 degrees away from each other now, which is why there is a major difference in calculations.

Since Vedic Astrology is based on solid scientific principles and planetary configurations, it is gaining more respect and interest over the past few years. Astrology is not a way to change the future, nor does it claim how exactly things are going to happen.

A Medieval Astrology Guide

Its accuracy is not mere coincidence; but a correlation to the stars. It does however affect Vedic astrology, as they base their astrology off of the actual constellations. This Moon is reminding us to be grounded, practical and focused.