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In other words, there could yet be something very important for you to find out. Your natural curiosity may get the better of you, so make a point of asking others what they think. You may be stretched to the limit today.

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The times are on your side, so please go forward with confidence. Everything in all personal departments is now looking quite exceptionally helpful.

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Your best shot will be to help yourself by getting the facts straight and taking family members into your confidence. What you need to do now is get other people on your team — and soon.

February 25 Birthday Astrology

Others will continually turn to you for guidance and inspiration, so make sure to be kind when they do! You have a tendency to be quite forceful, and your strong opinions can sometimes rub others the wrong way. If you lead with a smile on your face, nothing will get in your way.

People born on the Aries-Taurus cusp are incredibly independent with a sassy sense of humor. You love spending time out and about with friends and family, but you don't need others to support you.

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While this makes you a pretty exceptional individual, it can confuse your loved ones and sometimes drive them away. Make sure to tone down the harsh, blunt, or sarcastic comments when you're around others who are more sensitive than you -- which is practically everyone. Let your fun-loving, understanding side shine more often and watch your fans and followers grow.

Aries Symbol, Quality, Element, and Planet

If you're born on the Cusp of Power, you know how to have a fun time while working your way to the top, and your outgoing social skills can get you anywhere. You have thick skin and can handle a lot, but try not to let your independence detach you from your loved ones -- you need them more than you know! Practice patience and remember that kind leaders can do incredible things.

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You have the energy and determination to climb mountains in both your professional life and your home and family life. You want to be the best and want to lead your team to success! You love to be out and about, and you play even harder than you work -- if you can imagine that. You're your own best friend and are strong enough to know that you'll always be OK no matter what happens.

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It's very hard for you to let things go or let others do things that you know you could do better. You tend to get fired up about an opinion, idea, or project and then you dig in your heels and refuse to drop it. You like things done the best way possible, and you aren't able to easily trust others to do your bidding.

Sharing responsibilities is tough for you -- almost as tough as it is to share your feelings and life! Your independence and freedom are important, but try to be sensitive to your friends and family and realize that their desires and opinions matter, too.

Aries Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope February 25 - March 4 2019

You're a tough one to pin down! You have your independent, wild ways and it takes a strong individual to make you commit.