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Keep in mind also that Libra is a very social star sign, and this can help Virgo to get out of their shell more. Many astrologers simply call Virgo people shy and have done with it — the truth is a bit more complex than that, because Virgo people tend to find the public eye draining. While Libra is a little easier come, easy go than Virgo, they are loyal to those they care about — as is Virgo. They believe strongly in the traditions behind it, but perhaps could be said to want it for different reasons. However, the wedding is likely to be a stylish and meticulously planned one, although the Virgo spouse could get a tad obsessive with making sure everything is just so.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Married life is peaceful and serene, yet over time could bubble up with a few issues to examine closer. Virgo likes it when life follows a measured rhythm, so the more scattered way the Libra spouse does things can strike them as disorganised at times. If Virgo can relax their perfectionist ways, the marriage will flow more naturally — yet doing so only causes more worries to bubble up that Libra has to drop everything to assuage.

As much as both Libra and Virgo couples strive for perfection, there are some naturally occurring elements of disharmony between them. These prove difficult to get over, yet also provide the opportunity for each of them to look at their own outlooks and make changes if needs be. One thing that Virgo is certain to notice in Libra rather swiftly is that they are very slow in reaching decisions.

Libra is very driven by the idea of fairness, even between ideas and concepts. Yet this makes even simpler tasks like restaurant menus or film listings at the local cinema very difficult for Libra people to decide from quickly.

How to Date a Libra Man If You Are a Libra Woman

Yet if Virgo brings their criticism to bear, it wounds Libra. Virgo is a star sign fond of creature comforts, and disinclined to move outside of a certain handful of places and activities that they know and have established to be in their best interests. Libra is more curious about new ideas however, yet finds convincing Virgo to join them a bit of a struggle.

Virgo is also a stickler for perfection to a degree that makes them prone to nag from time to time. On top of all this, both Libra and Virgo are prone to letting their worries run away with them, albeit in slightly different ways. An interesting element of the Libra and Virgo relationship to consider is that these are neighbouring star signs.

In other words, Libra and Virgo are directly beside one another in the zodiac, and on our yearly calendar. This can also be explained by the elements ruling both Libra and Virgo.

Libra man Libra woman

Libra is an air sign, and the air element in astrology rules communication, ideas and swift actions. In this love compatibility between individuals with the same Zodiac sign, both partners need to come into agreement and make solid rules in their relationship to make sit last. The main thing that they should decide upon is who will be the one leading their relationship.

Well, this can be difficult considering that both of them like to be in charge, though they can also be very diplomatic to avoid arguments as much as possible. When it comes to finance, the Libra sun sign is notoriously known for its inability to save money, as it would rather like to splurge it on the things they like.

As both being very lively people, the man and woman in this pairing would just spend what they have when going out, instead of using it to pay the bills, which can be a big problem. Another thing is that they would have difficulties on deciding who will take care of the house, as neither of them would want to spend much time in there. However, it is very important for someone in this relationship to step up in keeping up with the house chores, or at least take turns for such a responsibility.

Another thing is we both long for luxurious things and cannot budget well. If either one of us see something to our interest it will belong to us. Also, both him and I are big time pushovers. We'll help anyone in need. Aside from the disagreements and everything else, I do love him more than ever and he makes sure he shows me he does too.

I'm a Libra man and have been with a Libra woman. Excellent woman and the sex is second to none.

She is amazingly smart and beautiful however is not ready for a relationship. I see a lot of what I used to be or go through in her. She also has a amazing heart that makes her even more attractive. Oh wow ok well I am female who is currently seperated from my male We've been seperated for the last 3years It was very nice with him, he would bring me roses even if we were not on the best terms or even after years. He did get a bit controlling at times but he was really amazing and I still love him, we still talk too.

So I finally got tired of it and left back home. He actuallly came out to see me and he regrets losing me. But I felt like he took too long to make the move to come see me, I decided I was happy with the guy I am seeing now A Gemini who treats me like a queen anyway My ex-Libra is not happy about this but he is still a good friend, although I am wondering how much I should cut him off since I am happily in love with someone else now LOL reading this and nodding my head all the way through.

Libra Man And Libra Woman Compatibility

Libra men hate confrontation of any sort and they'd rather go and come back then to confront you about breaking up. I am a Libra Woman dating a Libra Man.

Gemini male Libra female compatibility

We met ten years ago, always had an instant connection. He recently contacted me and said he's been dreaming of me for ten years. I have also been dreaming of him. He was the reason I never got married, I am now 40, and we are happier than ever, planning our wedding. I believe the key with Libra man and Libra woman, is maturity. When you can realize the way your partner thinks you can understand and adjust accordingly.

The Sagittarius Man

Libras have a sixth sense with diplomacy. When you understand Libra men are not so much controlling you , but centering themselves, with your reactions. I can assure you Libra man, can and will step up to the plate. I have had may wonderful relationships, but Libra man is the one sign who shares the same core values of happiness, that I find important. When I assure myself, with his loyalty, love and affection, the other stuff, seems less important.

Libras are fickle until they get it right. And if you are a true Libra, you will know when its right. We do not mistake Harmony and Balance. I am a Libra woman married to Libra man. I have to say that the relationship can work amazingly as long as one is the lead in the relationship. In my relationship I am a leader in situations where he can? When it comes to communications, we never had hard time communicating. Just thinking about it, all these years we spent discussing topics endlessly and we were each other?

Sex has been always very good and we completely understood each other there. With libra, it just feels relaxed and open. It really feels as there is a male version of you :. I've had a weird attraction to Libra men for the past 3 years.

The Libra Man

Met a Libra man who we would chase each other and flirt but had a one nightner Saw him on and off out but nothing ever happened, he even asked for my nr again and I laughed and said we tried that before Cute totally into me. Had a Libra girlfriend while he was talking to me. I said we couldnt be anything or have anything because he had a gf. Such a strange experience. He actually told me he did it to other girls before.