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They can achieve a lot and are capable of deeds requiring significant strength of character and perseverance. It should be noted, though, that they show more energy than goodness of character or purity of intentions. Energetic, passionate, positive, arguing, not surrendering to any control — they are the maker of their own fate. They have a lot of individuality and originality to them — they wish to be the first in every aspect.

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They show jealousy towards their rivals, which does not make them a pleasant companion. Their demeanor is haughty, and the strength of their character lets them overcome adversity. They are well-prepared for life struggles. They let their intuition guide them, rather than reason and it rarely leads them to a mistake. A woman born on this day, although she enjoys the company of men, does not feel any great longing for marriage — she is put off by the painful experiences of other women.

A man shows higher tendencies for marriage — but they will give it a lot of consideration before they decide to take that step.

The moon is in Libra today.

Ease into changes you actually look forward to sticking with, perhaps just cutting BACK on certain foods instead of trying to cut them OUT entirely. Forget hiding in the shadows today, Lion.

This is doubly activating for you because the fifth house is the natural home of Leo! Power down, Virgo. Today, the only Sagittarius new moon of the year nestles in your fourth house of domestic bliss. This lunar lift is the perfect opportunity to make it up to them with some devoted, undivided family time. And you thought your social life was buzzing before!

But with the proper care and feeding, you can stretch this popularity surge into —and do some good for others as a bonus!

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Yes, it will likely entail some belt-tightening. But lean into that famous Scorpio willpower, and you can get things back on track almost painlessly. Today is a huge deal for Archers everywhere as the only Sagittarius new moon of the year adds even more charisma and magnetism to your life and pours fuel in your manifesting tanks.

Forget January 1: This is like your very own personal New Year! Sometimes the most effective approach is the most effortless one.

Could you use a little help from your friends? These next two weeks are a potent manifesting time for you, so do more than sketch out these notions. Is this an easy transit? No; but Saturn in Capricorn teaches us that the tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessing.

Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac, a teacher who helps show us our boundaries and structures. Capricorn is a disciplined sign that concerns itself with status and power. Capricorn and Saturn want us to strive for security. Unfortunately, this can lead to feelings of doubt, insecurity, and anxiety during this transit.

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Instead of letting it deter us, we should use this as motivation to push forward even harder than before. Saturn in Capricorn may not sound like the most exciting transit, but it can be one of the most beneficial ones to go through. This cosmic combination urges us to aim high, put our noses to the grindstone, and get concrete results.