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I have a photographic memory, so I want to see which checks went through.

Then I take vitamins. I take vitamin C and I take a probiotic. I go to Dunkin Donuts to write. Why not Starbucks? First of all, Starbucks is dark and I need light.

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Dunkin is just happy, with all the glass looking out on the avenue. What I like the best about Dunkin Donuts is how low the table is. I love the summer when you can sit outside and get a little air.

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On her writing style: All the readers know my voice. I also have a style guide and a list of banned words that I give my magazine editors. I get inspiration from poetry, from great words.

I have to find a reason to use it. On creativity: I love fashion. Fashion is art and culture. It reflects thinking and culture more than we are conscious of. I love making things. If I can say, I made that, it will make me happier than the money.

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Creativity never gets old. On answering emails: Email is difficult. I get a lot of emails from people. Then I look at it, I scan it, but I still miss it sometimes, and then a year later I wake up thinking it was from this year. If you want some expert advice, then look no further than Susan Miller.

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The voice behind the famous Susan Miller Astrology Zone studied astrology with her mother and other astrologists for a number of years. Here, ENTITY takes a look at some of her astrological thoughts and her career as the voice behind our daily horoscope.

If You Think Astrology Is Wack, Go Talk to Susan Miller

In , it was speculated that there was going to be a new zodiac sign. Ultimately it all goes back to the Babylonians. However, there are 13 constellations in the zodiac, so they picked one to leave out. Miller thinks this is some BS, at least for the purposes of astrology. In a piece written about her mom , Miller goes over how her mother started her journey into astrology, and thus a new tradition started in the family.

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Her sister, Harriet, wanted to do something with her before she moved — and she suggested they take astrology classes. Erika took the classes, only to prove to Harriet that astrology was a joke. However, the two wound up taking classes for a number of years, and the love of astrology was then passed on to Susan. We all know the company Apple. However, Miller knew the company would become successful.

The company itself is Aries, which means it has playful and open-minded characteristics.

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Not only is Miller a successful astrologist, but she is also a successful business woman. We all know that we skip to the back of any magazine for our daily horoscope. In , InStyle readers got a special treat as famed astrologist Susan Miller would be writing the astrology column.