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They may have been born with more feminine energies in certain houses. Or perhaps, they are a Taurus or Cancer zodiac sign, who's always dreamed of being a father one day. Sure, there are certain zodiac signs who value their independence, but these horoscope personalities have been dreaming of being a good provider and caretaker to a little one who shared their name.

Not everyone is interested in starting or having a family, by the way.

Full House

According to the U. Having a good father. As a father, you like to teach by example. You want your children to be hard-working, responsible, and educated. As much as you want to give your children everything they want, you know not to spoil them too much.

Gemini’s Father in the Horoscope

You also believe in letting your children learn for themselves. Even if that means taking ten minutes to realize that 2x2 equals 4, you want your children to be independent and be able to think for themselves.

You want your children to understand the importance of family. Instead of coming home from the grocery store with chips ahoy and frozen pizzas, you prefer a more cleaner approach to your meal preparations.

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Along with that, you encourage your children to participate in sports or any other kind of physical activity that keeps them fit and busy. Family time is the most important thing to you as a father. You want everyone in your family to be close.

One of your biggest concerns as a father is keeping your children involved and busy. Even though you want the best for your children, they might see you as being too controlling at times. Your parenting legacy focuses strongly on creative freedom and expression.

Gemini - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Being a Pisces, one of your biggest values is being kind to others. By watching you, your children learn how to be kind to other people and show respect to everyone they meet. While your intentions as a father are remarkably great and selfless, sometimes you forget to add structure to your parenting. You want your kids to be able to open up to you about anything. Junior wants the iPhone 8? Paper with little squiggles on it will Any spikes that you see in your power usage may be due to unforeseen and deadly circumstances. You yearn to be a farmer just so that you can be The incredible temperature will affect toda Your sporting life will keep you in good stead for the summer olympics.

Everything you have done is brilliant and you will get the reward you richly Your lack of modesty will cause you problems today, jackass. Wensleydale is a good smell for you today.

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Other odours may leave you feeling poorly Actions take a moment, consequences last a lifetime. Try to avoid reading dusty old books that call themselves 'tomes'.

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